Pornhub Nation is open
Wednesday-Sunday 6pm-Midnight,
July 14th - August 11th, 2018

4067 W Pico Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Pornhub Nation is an immersive art installation opening in Los Angeles, CA, in Summer 2018. Housed within Union, the historic L.A. nightclub, Pornhub Nation will be open to visit from 6PM – Midnight, Wednesday – Sunday. The year is 2069. Exhausted by the stifling norms and regulations of mainstream society, a brave, dedicated and horny sect of digital settlers steer their ships towards a new world – towards their own Nation. From their pilgrimage, a new kind of civilization is born. One that eschews social hierarchies, gender norms and oppression, that prioritizes sexual liberation, hedonistic pleasureseeking, and equal orgasms for all. Step into the Pornhub Nation installation and free yourself from society’s expectations and pressures. Experience: ASSA - Pornhub’s space program that aims to unlock the mysteries of intergalactic coitus. The DMV - The vehicle-registration-office-cum-sado-masochistic-dungeon intertwines pleasure and pain into a delirious, indistinguishable exaltation. The National Gallery – The hallowed halls of Pornhub Nation’s capital, adorned with portraits of our great rulers from past and present. The Treasury (IRSHub) – In which tax refunds are afforded to those who successfully hit Harvey Weinstein with a dildos in VR. The National Silicon Reserve – a hands-on experience with Pornhub Nation’s most valuable natural resource and MUCH MUCH MORE!

When does Pornhub Nation open?
We are open to the public from July 14th to August 11th.
What is the age restriction?
You have to be 21+ for this experience (there's a bar)
How long will the experience take?
Each ticket allows for a full evening admission.
Are tickets available at the door?
Do you refund tickets or change times?
No sorry, all sales final.
What time do I need to arrive for my timed ticket?
You must arrive within the first 20 minutes of the half hour slot you purchased (eg. Arrive before 8:20 p.m. for an 8:00-9 p.m. ticket). Your ticket is only valid for the date and time purchased. If you miss your time slot, your ticket is unfortunately no longer valid.
Can my child come with me?
Are there bathrooms?
Duh, get freaky.
Who can I speak to about press coverage of Pornhub Nation?
Sure! Email us at